Holli Seitz, MPH, PhD

Holli Seitz, MPH, PhD, is the director of The Message Lab. An expert in message effects, she is most interested in applying communication science to advance health and to understand how best to communicate scientific findings to relevant publics. Dr. Seitz is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication at Mississippi State University and a Research Fellow at the Social Science Research Center. She can be reached at

Marisa Laudadio

Marisa Laudadio is a research assistant in The Message Lab. Ms. Laudadio’s research interests are in the area of political communication and include investigating the effects of public commentary on policy decisions.

Ciarra Smith

Ciarra Smith is a research assistant in The Message Lab.  Her academic interests include neurobiology and science communication, and, while working at The Message Lab, Ms. Smith hopes to further understanding of how individuals explore and engage in the sciences. Her ultimate goal is to obtain a graduate degree in the neurosciences.

Mariah Warner

Mariah Warner is a research assistant in The Message Lab.  Her research interests include racial discrimination in how it contributes to police brutality and anti-terrorism efforts.  Ms. Warner plans to pursue a career in federal law enforcement.